Lions Gate Chorus

Vancouver, BC
This group is for hire
Sandy Marron, Master 700 Director
Contact Email: 
Tuesdays from 7-10pm
Rehearsal Location: 
Salvation Army Southmount Citadel Corps
3403 East 49th Avenue
Burnaby , BC

2009 5th Place Harmony Classic Div. A (Nashville)
2011 3rd Place Medalists, Harmony Class Div. AA
2007 5th Place Medalists, IES Classic
2011 Div AA 2nd Place Harmony Classic Chorus
2008 24th Place Chorus (Honolulu)
2011 Houston 3rd Place Overall
2009 Nashville 2nd Place Overall
2007 Calgary 3rd Place Overall
1998 Harmony Achievement Award

Awards and Achievements: 

Regional Standings
2018 Region 26 Chorus Champions
2016 Region 26 Chorus Champions
2014 Region 26 Chorus Champions
2012 Region 26 Chorus Champions
2010 Region 26 Chorus Champions

International Standings
2017 International 2nd Place Chorus, Most Entertaining Award!
2014 International 5th Place Chorus
2012 International 3rd Place Chorus
2011 International 3rd Place Medalists, Harmony Class Div. AA & 3rd place overall (Houston)
2010 International 2nd Place Chorus and Most Entertaining Chorus Award
2009 5th Place Harmony Classic Div. A (Nashville)
2008 International 3rd Place Chorus
2007 Calgary 3rd Place Overall
2006 International 12th Place Chorus
2004 International 11th Place Chorus and Mic Testers for the Finals
2001 International 18th Place Chorus
1999 International 20th Place Chorus and Harmony Achievement Award
1998 Harmony Achievement Award
1997 International 22nd Place Chorus