Marcia Pinvidic

Greater Victoria Chorus

The Greater Victoria Chorus is honored to nominate Marcia Pinvidic for the 2002 Spirit of 26 award. When Marcia stands before us to direct, she may look as though she is alone ~ we know otherwise. You see, Marcia holds the people she cares for in her heart, and brings them to chorus every Tuesday. It's a good thing we rehearse in a gymnasium.

Through Marcia we've gotten to know her precious family, including 13 brothers and sisters; husband of 31 years, Dennis; two handsome and creative sons Brant and Shawn; beloved daughter-in-law Juliana; darling grandson & light of her life, Kahless; most of the choruses in Region 26 and a few international characters too. When Marcia returns from coaching another chorus she is electric ~ itching to tell us how wonderful they are, how teachable, how hardworking, how much she missed us, how proud of us she is, and how glad she is to be home, "so let's get to work". And the chorus she's just visited takes their place in the ranks of those standing behind her, inspiring her to share the magic.

In the 23 years that Marcia has been a Sweet Adeline she has steadily developed an extraordinary set of music and people skills, a commanding presence, a signature style and engaging humour, an ear that hears everything and a toolkit that allows her to bring out the best singer each of us has within. She is a visionary with a remarkable ability to create a mural, one brush stroke at a time. Whether it be in her role as director, coach, judge, judge specialist or international music faculty associate, the essence of Marcia is her generous soul ~ she gives and gives with love, passion and a profound respect for others. Though she would never see it this way, by letting her light shine, she allows each of us to do the same. The horizon has never been brighter.