Vicky Smith

Team Coordinator
2016 to 2018

Vicky joined Gateway Chorus in 2002 after seeing the joy the group created while singing, and thinking “she wanted a piece of that!”. She has been the baritone section leader for 5 years, and Team Leader for 3. She is humbled and proud to have been selected as Team Leader to the region, and will bring her enthusiasm, detailed work ethic, efficiency, honesty, directness, love of learning, and belief of inclusion for all, to her term.

Vicky is the baritone of Thumbs Up!, who have been singing together for 12 years. In 2005 Vicky formed East of Sixty, a dinner theatre group in Devon, Ab, with some friends, and has held every role from President to Director, Front of House Manager to Actor, Executive Producer to bartender. She also finds time to work as General Manager to Richard Eaton Singers, Edmonton’s premier Symphonic Choir handling Administration, Marketing, Grant Writing and Communications for their 120 members. But don’t worry; her love of barbershop trumps all other artistic endeavours!