Joey Minshall

Regional Management Team - Director Coordinator
2014 to 2016

I've been a member of SAI since May 1974, beginning in Dogwood Chorus (North Vancouver - no longer in existence) when we were still part of Region 13.  Became director of Dogwood; also directed briefly in Kamloops (now Desert Sounds Harmony) and Burnaby (now Westcoast Harmony).  Achieved Certified Director early in the Director Certification Programme with Burnaby; achieved Master Director many years later with Westcoast Harmony (there was no Master Director originally!)  Was DMA of the *new* Region 26 for four years (Director of Musical Activities, sort of equivalent to current Education Coordinator, but focused solely on music) and also served one term on our Board of Directors.  Sang in three regional champion quartets:  Freestyle, Guess Again and Go-Go!  Began arranging early in my membership, currently a Certified Arranger in SAI's IMAP. 

RMT position: Director Coordinator, to begin May 2013.  Strong musical leadership is essential to the continued development and enjoyment of our beloved barbershop genre; I'm very much looking forward to working with and for the directors of our Region.

Job Description

  • Represents the interests of the regional directors on the Regional Management Team
  • Communicates with directors in her region to assess their needs
  • Provides and facilitates a forum for directors at regional events
  • Communicates directors’ needs and the needs of their chapters to the Education Coordinator
  • Maintains contact with appropriate staff members at international headquarters
  • Maintains comprehensive records and forwards materials to successor
  • Trains her successor
  • Appoints staff to assist in the implementation of her responsibilities