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After 12 appearances on the Sweet Adelines International Competition stage, Brava! won the International Championship in Phoenix, Arizona on September 19, 2003. Bringing the gold medals & crowns home to Vancouver, Canada was a first for their proud country. Not only did Canada have its very first gold medalist quartet, this was also the first time in many years that all four members of the championship quartet are all brand new "Queens of Harmony" in the Coronet Club of Sweet Adelines Int'l.

Brava! Quartet was born in 1989 in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and their journey from novice to number one was not an easy or short trip, but was always an interesting one and well worth the efforts! From 1991-2003, they only missed one international contest.  

With their new title came new responsibilities and they enthusiastically welcomed these experiences. The first thing that Brava! did after being home for only 2 weeks from Phoenix was get back on a plane and fly to the U.K. where they spent 2 weeks touring Scotland, England & Wales serving as Teaching Faculty & Coaches for the UK Sweet Adelines. In 2004, their "reigning" year, they appeared on many shows, including Masters of Harmony in Southern California, Heralds of Harmony in Tampa, FL, The Buckeye Invitational in Columbus, OH, Coastline Show Chorus in Providence, RI, and Pride of Portland in Oregon, to name just a few.

They also represented Sweet Adelines International by appearing on the World Harmony Jamboree at the Barbershop Harmony Society International Convention in July of 2005 in Salt Lake City, where they saw their friends, Realtime, win the world championship! The highlight of Brava's performance career, though, culminated with the SAI Cruise-In-A-Chord in February of 2006, which was a week-long Caribbean Cruise, sponsored by Sweet Adelines. Brava released 2 CD's, Debut (the blue one), and Tickled Pink (the pink one), which features the song that stole the contest in Phoenix, "And So It Goes". 

Brava! is 4 Canadian girls who, between them, have over 70 years of singing experience, 4 husbands, 9 children, 2 step children, 5 cats, 1 dog, and many wonderful friends, family members and coaches who fully and enthusiastically supported their journey to becoming International Champions. Besides their obvious love of singing, these four women are great friends who share a personal bond, a beautiful musical blend, and laughter that can bring down the house.

Sandy Robinson Marron, Tenor
Lynn Gerard Tatton, Lead
Shannon Harris, Bass
Elaine Cotton, Baritone

Representing Lions Gate Chorus

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International Standings:
1991 21st Place International Quartet
1992 9th Place International Quartet
1993 7th Place International Quartet
1994 4th Place International Quartet
1996 9th Place International Quartet
1997 15th Place International Quartet
1998 15th Place International Quartet
1999 16th Place International Quartet
2000 8th Place International Quartet
2001 2nd Place International Quartet
2002 2nd Place International Quartet
2003 - International Quartet Champions (Phoenix, AZ)