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These four talented women have performed all over Washington State and British Columbia, and entertained audiences with their distinctive sound and style. Frenzy is truly an international quartet with Anne living in the Vancouver, BC area while Nikki, Melissa and Judy live in the Seattle, WA area. Long drives and border crossings have become a regular part of their weekend rehearsals!

Melissa Pope, Tenor, Chapter-at-Large (Region 13)
Nikki Blackmer, Lead, a cappella joy (Region 13)
Anne Downton, Baritone, Westcoast Harmony Chorus
Judy Poszgay, Bass, CAL (Region 26)

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Awards and Achievements: 

Regional Standings:
2011 First Place Medalist, Region 13

International Standings:
2017 1st place International Quartet Champions - Most Entertaining Award
2016 International 2nd Place Quartet - Most Entertaining Award
2014 International 7th Place Quartet
2013 International 4th Place Quartet
2012 International 8th Place Quartet
2012 International Novice Quartet Winners