Peace Arch

Surrey, BC
Emma Gibson
Contact Email: 
Wednesdays at 7:30pm
Rehearsal Location: 
Bethany-Newton United Church
14853 - 60th Ave
Surrey , BC

EMMA GIBSON has taken over the musical leadership of PAC.
Emma is a barbershop brat and grew up at Peace Arch when her mom was singing with us. (Dad is pretty talented
too). Some of us have known her since she was a wee thing, so call it the Circle of Life, that she has now come back as a beautiful,
talented musician and 10th place international bass of GLOW, who is willing to take on another challenge in her already busy life. We
look forward to whatever our future brings with Emma at the helm.

We would also like to thank Lisa Hood for leading us to 7 medals in 7 years as our Director and wish her the best in her next endeavor.
Pat Harper, Team Leader Peace Arch Chorus

Awards and Achievements: 

2018 2nd Place Div A Chorus
2014 1st Place Div A Chorus
2013 3rd Place Div A Chorus
2012 1st Place Div A Chorus
2011 1st Place Div. A Chorus
2010 3rd Place Div. A Chorus