Vocal Development Faculty

I joined SAI in 2001.
Became director of Magic City Chorus, Saskatoon in 2006 –place in the top 5 at contest most years
I have been part of the REF since 2015

Musical experience:

  • I directed a 4 part mixed choir for a few years before becoming director with Magic City Chorus
  • I was a private vocal teacher for school age children (8 – 17 yrs old) for 32 years.
  • I started in the organization as a singer, moved to baritone section leader and later into director position (2006)
  • I am a strong singer and soloist
  • I am a church organist
  • I have sung baritone in 2 quartets
  • I am currently singing in a mixed quartet (non-barbershop)

Organization education:

I attend all of our annual competitions and have attended all but one workshop offered by the region since joining the organization and been to quite a few international competitions as a spectator (always taking in any education offered). I am a Certified (500) director.

Things I can offer as a coach:

  • a good understanding of all aspects of vocal production ( breath, placement, resonance, unity, blend, expression, etc)
  • read and understand written music (play piano as well)
  • computer skills – writing/creating sheet music
     - recording, creating, editing learning tracks for my chorus
    - know my way around many applications (word, adobe, movie maker, etc)
  • love to do riser placement
  • enjoy working with individuals (PVI), small groups (GVI or quartet), entire chorus
  • I was a mentee in a 2 year Director/Mentor program offered by SAI- taught me many skills for rehearsal planning, developing a music team, long range planning, (all aspects of Director roles) so can offer new Directors many tools and ideas to help with growth both in front of the chorus and behind the scenes planning (duties of a director)
  • have experience in script writing, show planning, stage direction, how to use a microphone effectively, etc
  • I am a strong leader and have good organizational skills
  • I have a very positive approach and generally think well on my feet to assess what is needed at the moment
  • I am always trying new techniques that I have been shown or experience
  • although Choreography is not my strong suit, I can usually identify when and where it effects the musical product

I fell in love with this organization shortly after joining and continue to promote it for the fun I have, the things I have learned through education opportunities, and the friends I have met throughout the country and the world.

Cheryl Pearce