Vocal Development Faculty

I earned an Education degree back in the dark ages in Ontario and taught high school Math and then K-8 vocal music. When we moved to Alberta I discovered a passion for the Barbershop harmony and teaching adults instead of children.

SAI appealed to me because of the education that was available. Starting with IMAP I now know just enough to be dangerous and maybe help you adjust trouble spots in your arrangements. Then came the DCP and with that certification and my wonderful chorus, I have achieved master director status. I continue to take advantage of as many educational opportunities as possible both at the regional and international level.

Since joining SAI in 1985 I have been a member of 3 high achieving choruses, actually helping to charter Rhythm of the Rockies in 2002. While I’ve been directing since 1999, I have taken on multiple positions in all 3 choruses, mostly on the creative side of things: vocal production, choreography and scripting/emceeing/show producing.

Teaching for me is an avocation. It is a wonderful challenge to find alternative ways to reach different types of learners as I work with individuals, quartets, sections or choruses.           

My strength is in sound with a secondary passion for expression. I’d love to work with you.