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New Westminster Pride Festival 2016

​Lions Gate "Lite"Celebrating Diversity at the New Westminster Pride Festival, Aug 13, 2016

We had the privilege of not only performing and celebrating diversity,  but also joining host Whoopsie Daisy in singing 'True Colors' in honour and respect of the fallen in Orlando.  It was also shared by Lisa Hood that the brick building in the shot behind Elaine and Elvera is the new home to Groupanizer! 

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Las Vegas International SUCCESS!

This is the first of 3 international contests in Las Vegas and it appears that Region 26 LOVES it!
Frenzy (Anne, Judy, Nikki and Melissa), Glow (Sandy, Nicole, Emma and Kelly)  and No Strings (Jennifer, Stephanie, Laura and Karri) competed in the Quartet Semi-finals. Frenzy and Glow made it to the TOP 10! A thrilling finals saw Frenzy come out with 2nd Place Medals and Glow with 9th Place!!!

Lions Gate (Master 700 Director Sandy Marron) and Rhythm of the Rockies (Master Director Mary Hager) impressed everyone in the Chorus semi-finals and Lions Gate came away with 5th Place Medals in the top 10 finals. The performances were awe inspiring.... Region 26 truly rocks!!!!

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Three-Peat! 2014 International Baltimore

Just in case you missed it ... we want to Congratulate City of Gardens Chorus for giving Region 26 a THREE-PEAT as the Gold Medalists in the Div AA International Contest! Way to go Master Director, Julie Smith and every Chorus member!

City of Gardens Chorus 1st Place Gold Medal- Div AA Chorus
Westcoast Harmony Chorus - An awesome performance!

And to our Quartets:
Frenzy (5th Place!!) Glow (13th Place!!),  & Easy Street (26th Place!) OUT of the WORLD!

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