Westcoast Harmony Chorus

Shayna Steeves has been an involved, self-motivated member and leader since the day, at the tender age of 13, she followed her mother, Sharon Steeves, into the ranks of Burnaby/Westcoast Harmony Chorus.

Shayna is a natural leader, a fastidious planner, and a no-nonsense organizer. A typical Shayna-ism: "...we're gonna do this - and we're gonna do it right - and on time - and if we can, with a profit....Woohoo!" Shayna joined the Regional Management Team in 2006 where she continues to be a committed, thoughtful leader in all that she does. Her regular editions of the Regional Management Update are concise, prompt, upbeat, well-written, and loaded with information pertinent to members across the Region.

Incidentally, she is also a superb baritone, having sung for sixteen years with multi-Regional championship quartet, Omni. Whether in her personal or Sweet Adeline life, Shayna engenders respect and trust. A generous and sharing woman, she is an exemplary leader - one who puts the spirit in the Spirit of 26.