Pat Fry - Westcoast

Vocal Development Faculty

Pat Fry has been singing and performing in Region 26 for almost 30 years.  A born performer she is most comfortable on stage.  Her love of performing and accomplished vocal skills is evident in her return trips to the International competition stage.  She has won Regional competitions with various  Quartets (5 times) and with her beloved Westcoast Harmony Chorus many times which has provided the highest level of experience and education the organization can provide. 
Pat has been in the REF for over 10 years and loves to work with all levels of vocal and visual performance skills! Her high energy sessions are usually heavily infused with laughter with a fun approach to vocal production and performance skills.   
Some of the areas Pat can help with:

  • Vocal production / Breath management
  • Vocal Warm ups / PVI’s
  • Unit sound / Interpretation 
  • Resonance/ Ring / Articulation (advanced vocal production) 
  • Confidence / Stage Presence
  • Characterization /  Visual Performance (taking the music off the page)
  • Staging / Choreography
  • Script advice / emcee and microphone technique