Prairie Gold Chorus

Week after week one can see Cammi MacKinlay at the rehearsal hall, helping to set up risers, taking her turn doing warm-ups, singing and dancing in Lions Gate's energetic front row, perhaps discussing new chorus costume designs, or leading a sectional... you name it - she does it! A member of Lions Gate since 1986, Cammi has been involved in so many different ways that it's really hard to mention Lions Gate without mentioning Cammi in the same breath. She is universally loved and never hesitates to be the first to lend a hand to any project. She has that very unique combination of high-level administrative AND creative skills and to put it formally, has served on the Chapter Board of Directors in Executive positions for 13 years, 7 of which as President. She's been Membership Chair, Vice President, Secretary, and PR Chair. She's a Certified Director and one of Lions Gate's Assistant Directors. Baritone Section Leader, Costume Committee Chair, member of the Music Team, and not content to merely sing with the chorus, is currently singing baritone in Fandango Quartet.

At the Regional Level, Cammi's skills have also proven to be invaluable. She has been Vice-Regent, Chair of the Regional Convention, Convention Housing Chair, PR/Promotions Chair, and Marketing Coordinator for Region 26. On the Regional Management Team she's been Events Coordinator, and is currently in her second term as Education Coordinator. As such, she is responsible for bringing us such fabulous coaches as Dale Syverson, Ase Hagerman, Lori Lyford and Karen Breidert, Kathy Carmody, Peggy Barnes, Diane Porsche, Erin Howden and June Dale for both past and future Regional workshops.

Most recently, Cammi has been appointed as Region 26 liaison to the International Young Singers Foundation. In her non-Sweet Adeline life, Cammi works full time teaching adults English as a second language, still somehow managing to find time for husband Don and two teenaged children, Christie and Callan.

Cammi's complete love and dedication to this organization make her an exceptional candidate for this award. A woman who embodies the true spirit of Sweet Adelines - she's talented, accomplished, devoted, passionate, thoughtful, generous, intelligent and sexy. She's a leader in the chorus, a leader in the Region and aspires to become a leader at the International level as well. It is with great pride Lions Gate nominates CAMMI MACKINLAY as Region 26's Spirit of 26 SWEET ADELINE OF THE YEAR!