Rhythm of the Rockies

Rhythm of the Rockies is proud to nominate Lynda Elliott for the “Spirit of 26” award for 2010. We have just celebrated Lynda’s 25th anniversary as a Sweet Adeline and wish to acknowledge the many contributions she has made and continues to make to her chapter and region.

Lynda started her Adeline life with Alberta Gold Show Chorus, where she held many music and chapter management positions, including assistant director, lead section leader, board president, and show chairman. Lynda was one of Alberta Gold’s first nominees for the “Spirit of 26” award.

Lynda has been the lead in the quartet Ambrosia for 15 years. The quartet has competed at the regional level, performed on chapter shows, at corporate and public events, and entertained at many seniors’ residences in Calgary and Southern Alberta. Joining Rhythm of the Rockies in 2006, Lynda quickly learned the repertoire, and soon after was invited to join the music team. She is section leader, tape listener, and member of the vocal warmup team. It didn’t take her long to join the Management Team as well, as Communications Co-ordinator. She’s also putting her extensive theater experience to good use as part of the group writing the script for our upcoming fall show.

Not only a leader at the chapter level, Lynda joined the RMT where she held the positions of Communications Co-ordinator and Team Co-ordinator during her four years of hard work on our behalf. A strong believer in continuous learning, Lynda completed the DCP program as a Certified Director, has attended IES many times, and participates in all chapter and regional educational opportunities. She is currently the DCP Administrator, a regional appointment.

Efficient, organized, with an ever positive attitude, Lynda’s courage, beautiful voice, and cheery smile carries us towards our goals. She has always been an inspirational leader and role model, one who lives and breathes the “Spirit of 26”!