Wow! What a showing in Region 26. Is it just me or did we see some amazing improvement this year? Region 26 is alive and well.

Before the results - let me touch on some highlights. Besides the sisterhood, the amazing boutique, the flawlessly run transportation, the friendly volunteers and the fantastic judging panel, here are some of my observations.

  1. Quartets - this year saw a whopping 21 quartets in our region with a good number of them being novice or newly formed. Is it safe to say that quartets are a measuring stick of chorus (and Regional) health?
  2. Queens of Harmony - there were a lot of crowns in the audience (and singing for us). Brava!, Martini, and half of Frenzy were in the house. How many regions have that many queens? We are truly blessed with great talent and coaches.
  3. Past International Presidents - these women have helped shape the organization we love so much. Having Marsha Fulton, Cammi MacKinley, and Marcia Pinvidic in our region is a blessing and something not to be taken lightly. Their love and support - and ambassadorship - is never-ending.
  4. I must say a personal favorite for me was Hearts of Harmony Chorus. Their performance was moving and heartfelt... and beautiful. Their ballad (arranged by Joey Minshall) was breathtaking. I am so glad I experienced that performance!

Ok, on to the results. 

Region 26 Quartet Competition - 2019

5 - 559 - Chance!
4 - 566 - Thumbs Up!
3 - 569 - VITA
2 - 608 - Delirium
1 - 624 - No Strings

Most Improved: Chance!
Novice Quartet: Cascadence

See the quartet score sheet here ->


Region 26 Chorus Competition - 2019

Division A (small)
3 - Magic City
2 - Vocal Motion!
1 - Alberta Heartland

Division AA (midsize) 
3 - Pacific Edge
2 - Gateway
1 - Westcoast Harmony

5 - 575 - Vocal Motion!
4 - 577 - Pacific Edge
3 - 577 - Alberta Heartland
2 - 610 - Gateway
1 - 654 - Westcoast Harmony

Most Improved: +11 Alberta Heartland
Novice Director: Joshua Honrud
Marcia Pinvidic Expression Category Award: Westcoast Harmony Chorus
Audience Choice Award: Chinook WInds Show Chorus

See the chorus score sheet here ->

Looking forward to seeing the official photos and sharing some with you!

See you in New Orleans!

Feel free to share your comments below.