Your Presence is Requested!!!

2020, who can believe the turn of the Millennium 20 years of age?  Who can believe Region 26 was formed 38 years ago?

The joy of competition; it has always been the culmination of the Sweet Adeline Year.  For all of Region 26, competition is the yardstick by which we measure the progress of our programs.  It’s a time for good hearted and heart felt camaraderie in the arena of skill testing.

It is my pleasure to invite you, on behalf of Sweet Adelines International and Region 26, to meet,  April 30th to May 3rd, 2020 in Calgary, Alberta. 

The look of the Sweet Adeline Regional Convention and Competition will be different in 2020 from our accustomed.  The Hyatt Hotel welcomes us to celebrate our music in the core of Calgary.  They look forward to assisting us in appreciating the special brand of our City’s hospitality. 

My role, as Competition Coordinator, is to oversee all aspects of your Competition Experience to ensure the highest level of success in your time on Stage.  You will have the joy of performing in the beautiful Imperial Ballroom, full of ardent supporters, as well as singing on a stage that will reflect the warmth of the walls in room.  Details will be following.

Bulletins from the Competition Steering Committee are intended to guide you, through next 6 months, in the direction of your plan for an exciting and unforgettable experience.

Look for your bulletin arriving later this month filled with information about the exciting new events to be unveiled as part of Diamonds and Denim.

See you in Calgary!!  Can’t wait!!!

Susan McLean  - Competition Coordinator [email protected]