Fandango Quartet (Corinne Newell, Jan Carley , Cammi MacKinlay and Donya Metzger) has been singing together for 15 years – not in this configuration, particularly, but we’ve always had lots of fun with whomever has been in the foursome After several years of focusing on being very active as a Christmas performance quartet, we decided this year to enter the Open Division competition, mainly because our baritone, Cammi, was President of Sweet Adelines International when the concept was envisioned and she really wanted us to support it. (Ok, she twisted our arms!) We wanted this to be a joyful, stress-free experience, so we decided to keep it simple and go with what we do best. “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” became our “contest” song and the rest of the package was designed to be comedic. Tutus were made and red and white striped stockings were purchased. To mentally prepare ourselves, we visualized our favourite Christmas performance venue in Vancouver, Café Barney, where the performance experience is about connecting our Christmas spirit to the audience. Every year when we walk into Café Barney to perform, they scream like we are Bon Jovi! So, instead of thinking about competing, we went onto the contest stage thinking “We are performing at Café Barney ”. We were thrilled to find out that barbershop aficionados love what we do as much as our non-barbershop audiences do.
We honestly had no idea that our performance would end up being the highest scoring Open Division package in the entire organization with one A and three A minuses, and multiple kudos from judges and audience members alike!
Thank you to Region 26 for your tremendous support and the Audience Choice Award. We appreciate it so much and will continue to spread the joy around Vancouver each and every December!
PS If you’d like to see it again, here it is: