Administrative Development Faculty

Yvonne joined "Burnaby Chorus" [now Westcoast Harmony] Sweet Adelines in 1986. Affectionately nicknamed "Y-von" it slowly evolved to "Y" and always starts a conversation. Y's involvement in chorus and regional life has always centered around marketing and organization. She willingly participated in many years of Chorus Teamwork (Operations, History, PR & Marketing, Costuming, and Committees). For years you will have seen Y as your Internationally appointed Competition Coordinator and prior to that on the Steering Committee in several other positions. Y was very happy to serve as Marketing Coordinator for the Region from 2010 until 2017 and as the Regional Membership Director in the Pilot Program!

Yvonne serves on the REF as an Administration Specialist in the areas of SA and Chapter Level Systems, Goal Setting, Positive Motivation, and Member Appreciation.