Kelowna, BC
Lisa-Joy Dubois
Tuesdays at 7pm
Rehearsal Location: 
Kelowna , BC
British Columbia

The Beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia has been home since 1972 to Kelowna's White Sails A Cappella Chorus; a fun, all ages, women's 4-part harmony chorus.   We welcome all singers to visit our rehearsals and will work with you through a successful audition to open the doors to enjoyment of this amazing worldwide harmony. We sing many different music styles; Jazz, traditional, contemporary and others.

We have medalled in our category several times at the yearly regional competitions and build on the experience through weekly music education during rehearsals as well as enjoying regular coaching sessions by amazing women from our region. We sing at local community events, organized musical performances, and present a yearly show in Kelowna.

As a worldwide organization, we are able to participate in education seminars throughout Canada and the United States, one of them being the annual SAI competition.

It's time to leave the safety of your Shower music studio and bring your voice to blend with ours for wonderful musical times.  

Our Director - Lisa-Joy Dubois - BEd and BA in Music - teaches music/band at a Kelowna high school and is a member of the Kelowna City Band.

We rehearse every Tuesday evening from 7 - 9:30 pm. If you would like to hear and see what we do, please contact Brenda [email protected] for more information.

For more Information please look through our website - or find us on Facebook.

For information about membership, contact [email protected]

Looking to hire the chorus for your next event? 
Contact Tanya Holdenried at [email protected] or 250-769-9067

Awards and Achievements: 

2018 3rd Place Div A Chorus
2013 2nd Place Div A Chorus