Dual Membership provides everyone with the opportunity to experience different chorus cultures and different musical experiences.  Region 26 and Sweet Adelines International heartily endorse the program.

There has been some discussion in the region about dual memberships and how it works.  It is up to a chorus to decide if they will offer dual membership to members from other choruses to join them.

Region 26 is very excited that we will have two of our choruses competing on the international stage in Louisville Kentucky, in 2020.  They are  Westcoast Harmony Chorus and Gateway Chorus.  Both Choruses, Westcoast Harmony and Gateway will be welcoming Dual Members to cross the stage with them when they compete at the International Convention. 

Dual membership has also been used when a member is temporarily away from her home chorus and/or has the time and energy to sing with more than one chorus.

SAI Definition of Dual Membership (Standing Rules)

a) A dual member may hold membership in more than one chapter and select one as her primary chorus through which she pays her international per capita fee.

b) The dual member is responsible for regional dues and chapter dues for all choruses with which she is affiliated.

c) A dual member must meet audition requirements of all chapters with which she is affiliated.

d) A member may compete with each chorus of which she is a member.

e) Directors may direct one chorus and sing with another chorus within the same contest.

The receiving chorus sets its guidelines and expectations for attendance and qualifying. The primary chorus (home chorus) is encouraged to support those members who want to have this unique, and usually temporary, experience.

When the opportunity arises - talk to your chorus, talk to the receiving chorus to make sure you have all the necessary information and are able to meet the conditions of both choruses.

Opportunities for dual membership are exciting and can help develop our singers' skills in many ways throughout the region. Ask around – maybe this is something that can work for you!